Antonio Papasso

Between the second half of the Seventies and throughout the Eighties Papasso some creates some absolutely new collections of engravings. The art of engraving is not the result of a subordination - in a different technical context - to creations directly made on the surface of boards, but it draws on matrices lying in a time and space of which the author himself is unaware. It is not by chance that the man of letters and poet Edoardo Sanguineti counterpoints Papasso’s engravings with words of poetry.
These collections were accompanied by: Aldo Cairola for "GENEALOGY 1976"; Gillo Dorfles for "CANTA 1981"; Edoardo Sanguineti for "RE/SPIRA 1982", with a poetical reading of Papasso’s engravings (triplex acrostic); Carlo Argan for "FORMA NATURAE (archetypes & C.), 1983"; Edoardo Saguineti for "PROMEMORIA and PRO-MEMORIA 1986/92"; in 1989 Gillo Dorfles sums up this period of time dwelling on some engravings belonging to the collection "CANTA of 1981".

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Entra nella Raccolta Incisoria CANTA

Raccolta Incisoria "CANTA", 1981

Entra nella Raccolta Incisoria RE/SPIRA

Raccolta Incisoria "RE/SPIRA", 1982

Entra nella Raccolta Incisoria FORMA NATURAE

Raccolta Incisoria "FORMA NATURAE",1983

Entra nella Raccolta Incisoria PROMEMORIA

Raccolta Incisoria "PROMEMORIA", 1986/92

"Whatever we meet in the course of our life - whether we see or hear, whether we are interested or indifferent, we like it or not - all this becomes memory!

Art is for everybody, art is willing to produce energy, to satisfy our real needs, to suggest to us which life path to follow!"

"Art is something we do not see nor feel. What we see and feel is nothing but a product of art"

Gustav Jung

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