Anno 1998



<<With the pseudonym of Antigone, Papasso tells the joy and the rural life, weaving, in a "transcendental" key, the traditional and the surreal>>

A dichotomy which helps in the practice of life that many authors plead to fulfil their own dreams. After all, affinities are not absent between the two: <<the colour>>

[...] <<I add: a reality as "trace to the impossible". A sort of extension between things and us, between objects and their reflection in the apparent distance of memory>> […] <<The imaginary among the most changeable cards of Nature and in their most informal expressiveness>> […] <<The feather of poetry circles (figure or not) in this climate which the author breathes and expresses in his veiled gasps, that represent the result of a reality of depth: ungarettian, as Argan perceived>>.

Elio Filippo Accrocca 1989



Olio su tela


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