Antonio Papasso

Antonio Papasso in his studio, images a long time ago and up to today

The section "Deepening", wants to report, to explain life of Antonio Papasso as engraver and painter, from 1970 to nowadays. It is a journey along the artist’s experimentation passing across the experience of Antigone (the pseudonym of Antonio Papasso).

The words are accomplished by images: they both will underlay all his artistic "excursus" putting in evidence also Papasso humanity: his doubts and certainties.

This section will be an indirect conversation between the artist and who will like to know him a little more.

P.S. The works that are presented in the section are only some of those that have been inserted into the web site. For more details look at the main menu at the beginning of this page. You’ll find the galleries of: Papiers Froissés, oil paintings, drawings and etchings.

Antonio Papasso
papiers froissés

Papier Froissé, Year 2001, cm 70x100      
      Papier Froissé, Anno 2003, diam. cm.100
    Papier Froissé, Year 2002, cm 80x180

in red - Giovanna Alliprandi, psychologist;
in blue - italic - Antonio Papasso;
in black - italic - Gillo Dorfles;

Papasso writes:
"This is an attempt to relate a thirty years long story lived in the first person. An experience rich in events and lived in a wonderful world. If I approached art, I owe it to my egocentricity, to the uncertainties that have stimulated me to face my inner needs...

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