Antonio Papasso
papiers froissés

Papier Froissé, Year 2001, cm 38x56      
      Papier Froissé, Year 2002, cm 47x32,5
Papier Froissé, Year 1985, cm 25x34,5      
      Papier Froissé, Year 2002, cm 47x32,5


The "coming into being" is the phenomenon that has mostly fascinated me, because it allowed me to cover inexhaustible and attractive paths thanks to a technique I made my own, id est the technique of «Papiers froissés» (crumpled papers). This has helped me to make, at first, some closed, symmetric, white, ovoidal shapes against an amorphous background. Later on, I was able to create open, colourless, asymmetric and dynamic shapes. More human shapes, because I came out of confinement, trusting, at long last, in an ideal and a new form of communication."

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