Antonio Papasso

Papier Froissé, Year 2000, cm. 70x150


"Art contains a natural code capable of self-communicating, similarly to a high voltage electric socket. All one has to do is to insert a plug and the current starts flowing!
It is possible that during my «creative» journeys I came across something everyone would like to find, or it might be that someone is looking out for ethical solutions that he would like to make explicit, trusting in a communicable language. If all this produces art, one may hope that it will include a new consciousness."

Eight years after, in 1989, on the occasion of a one-man show in a Roman art gallery, once more Gillo Dorfles comments:

"In the case of Papasso however, there is nothing in his work that bears the imprint of the figurative memories of a remote, or even recent, past. From the earliest works of his mature period - dating from the mid-1970's - the artist followed his own path, which it would be too simplistic to define as "abstract"; a path which has inequivocally shaken off any figurative heritage from the past, leaving nothing but the basic materials, the colour, and above all the markings to portray his personal and solitarytale." ...

(For a full reading of Dorfles's text: menu Dorfles 1989)

Papier Froissé, Year 2000, cm. 70x140

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